A selection of products from the best artisans to make your work moments very special.

We take you to your house the best materials and tools.

We offer you a wide selection of artisan products from all over the world, so that the work of your hands shines in all its splendor.

Great assortment of bobbins

The most beautiful lace bobbin cushions

All the threads you will need

What do we do?

En El mundillo de Eva We are specialized in locating the best items related to bobbin work and other craftsmanship throughout the world and we send them directly to your home. 


We are a great family

Lace makers, artisans, manufacturers, merchants... all together we make possible the miracle that materializes in the incredible work carried out by our friends.


"Sending you products from all over the world of the highest quality at the best price is our goal"

Eva Álvarez - Founder of "El mundillo de Eva"